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To Speak With Elders written review by Jord Reads Books | Author Mike Mollman
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Review: To Speak With Elders (Protectors of Pretanni #2) by Mike Mollman
February 27, 2023 by Jordan Leave a Comment

Rating: 8/10


Grahme is more powerful – and more volatile – than the Druid Council ever guessed. His nephew, Figol is a Sorim, the druid’s sworn enemy. When Figol attempts to join the order, both are sent on fool’s mission to find new allies.

But who? The Emerald Druids hold them in disdain. The centaurs shoot humans on sight. The demon summoners and their infernal demons are too foul to consider.

Unexpected kindness and cruelty await, but not from whom they expect.


Disclaimer: I received a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I continue to find myself really enjoying this series by Mike Mollman. It continues shortly where the first one ended, and allows us to see more of what the Druids can do. It was great to see more of the political side of the Druid council but once again we are on a wonderful quest with high stakes. With griffins, centaurs, and shape shifters all making an appearance, this is a series that uses some lesser known fantasy elements in fun and intriguing ways.

Once again, the strength of the novel was the magic systems that are in full display. It really highlights some of the elements that were just hinted at last time and makes them a more integral part of the story. It was really fun with the nephew making a return and helping on this quest. The shape shifting continues to remain one of my favorite points, especially when it highlights what the Druids truly stand for. It was great to once again see the weaknesses to the magic as well. All of the elements are well thought out and unique, especially when they are used in the battles and other elements. The world is interesting and we get to see more of it in this novel.

I highly recommend this series for a unique take on common fantasy elements that are usually just in the background. I really like seeing the druids as the main characters and being a true steadfast fantasy character. I can see lots of people chanting “I need more Druid!” after reading this second story. I count myself as one of them. Give yourself a treat and change into the mindset that this series should be on your list to read soon!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. As always, happy reading and Stay Great!!

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