Last weekend (April 22-23, 2023) I attended my first RavenCon. When I spoke with other authors at comic cons, this one was always mentioned with a sort of reverence. It takes place practically in my backyard and I’ve never gone. That all changed this year when I was a guest at the event. I was nervous about taking part in six panels and (oddly most of all) a reading of my work. I have to say, I loved it. I met old friends and new, and no one attempted to throw anything at me.

I’m even adding another comic con to my list! I’ll be at Crash City Con in Roanoke VA the last weekend in August. I’ll post details soon under my Events tab. I’ve also discovered a couple other local events, as you can see you the tags on my badge below. If you want to pal around with top notch and up and coming authors, this is the place you should go. I’ll also be around next year too!