I’m fast approaching the two year anniversary of publishing Becoming A Druid. I have learned a lot in that time. I have taken the Comic Con route to sell my books with some modest success. I have tried my hand at Amazon and Facebook ads with no success and I’ve started reaching out to the BookTube community and have found them to be warm and welcoming. I’ve had multiple video reviews on my books (just check on the Media Reviews tab) and I’ve learned of several fantasy novel contests.

Today I entered SPFBO 9 (Self Published Fantasy Blog Off, or ‘Spiffbo”). There are three hundred novels entered, ten finalists and one winner. The contest takes eleven months. The novels are split into ten groups of judges. Each group will summit one book from their thirty to go on to the final. I have no allusions of winning, or even making the finals, but this is a wonderful opportunity to get my book in front of thousands of new people. Also, this is one of the premier events for networking with other authors, which I really, really need to start doing.

Wish me luck, but honestly, I’m already winning just by being included.