Protector of Pretanni


Protectors of Pretanni Book 1

Grahme has a penchant for making bad decisions. On his quest to become a full druid, a mage is motivated to kill him and members of his order wish to capture him. Completing his quest requires dozens of decisions, and his choices are often questionable.

Protectors of Pretanni Book 2

Koni gave up her high station to become Conwenna, a blacksmith’s wife and devoted mother. But duty calls at unexpected times. Sorrows await as Conwenna must become Koni again, or let cruel men come to power.

Alfswich has become wealthy by committing what others call sins. When a hag’s curse is leveled upon him, he commits murder, theft and betrayal to escape it. But is his solution worse?

Protectors of Pretanni Book 3

When Figol wishes to join the druids, both he and Grahme are sent questing to form a new alliance.

But who? The Wigesta are bent on wresting control from the druids. The centaurs shoot humans on sight. The Demon Summoners and their fiends are too foul to consider and the Emerald Druids of Eriu hold them in disdain. To succeed, they must do the impossible

Protectors of Pretanni Book 4

January 22nd, 2024

War is coming to Pretanni.

Blachstenius is desperate to find an heir so his family line doesn’t die with him. Arthmael must make the Wigesta choose the wrong leader – somehow.

War has arrived on Eriu.

The Tusci have taken the impregnable city of Drumanagh and captured Head Druid Anach. Crisa is dispatched on a fool’s errand to bring back formidable allies. Glasna begins a desperate one woman rescue mission from within the city.

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