The Griffin’s Treasure – Downloadable


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Arriving at Soar Rathun, you find no trace of the mysterious Pol. But today is your lucky day! A man, Sawel, approaches you with a lucrative opportunity . Journey north, avoid the centaurs and other strange creatures while securing a griffin’s egg. That’s all. Nothing you can’t handle. Oh, the egg must be viable upon delivery and the griffins will fight to their last breath protecting their offspring. The centaurs shoot men on sight and they covet griffin eggs as well. Lurking in the shadows of this sparsely populated land are creatures few have ever seen and even less have lived to tell the tales. But those are just stories told around campfires to impress others . . . or are they?

This module is designed for a party of four, level five adventurers. Successful completion will bring the members of the party to level seven.


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