The Arden – Downloadable



Arleth is a small fishing village along the southern coast of Pretanni. Buried deep within the great Arden forest, the inhabitants are some of the only humans who know of the Si. Having inhabited Pretanni before the time of the so called Elder Races, the Si keep within their forest and worship their god, Fagus. The fishing folk and the Si live side by side harmoniously.

A mysterious man enters the village, but being harmless enough, he is left to himself. Well versed in the druidic arts, he spends much time in the forest before vanishing as unexpectantly as he arrived. He must be the cause, the townsfolk reckon, that the Si should suddenly be acting so crazed. Who was this Pol? What did he do to the Si? The fate of Arleth and the Si themselves rests on the ability of a small band of adventurers uncovering the truth and ending the madness.

This module is designed for a party of four, level one or two adventurers. Successful completion will raise the members of the party to level three.


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