Pretanni RPG Modules

The Arden

For adventurers level 1.

The Si are a peaceful race, until now. The town of Arleth has always welcomed their neighbors of the forest within their mead hall. But lately, the Si have been acting strangely bellicose and erratic. You have been asked to journey into the heart of the great southern forest, the Arden and find out what is happening to the forest folk.

This module takes place in Pretanni, the world described in Becoming A Druid and upcoming books in the Protectors of Pretanni series.

Solent Keep

For adventurers level 3.

Grahme and Figol are in trouble and only you can help them. They disappeared in Solent Keep. Retrace their steps and find out what is being hidden in the keep. Follow the trail and join the final battle against the Obsidian Lord and his psionic powers.

This module allows you to interact with the characters and places within the very pages of Becoming A Druid, Book One of the Protectors of Pretanni series. Now you and your party can be the heroes.


The Griffin’s Treasure

For adventurers level 5.

Griffins care little for precious gems or metals. But their eggs with their brilliant blue shells mean everything to them. Both parents will fight to the death to preserve them. Your party has been tasked with bringing a viable egg back. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

Demon Isle

For adventurers level 7.

Sawel has been sent by Pol to uncover the Tome of Ramnes. The ability to summon demons added to his mastery of spore manipulations would make him impossible to stop. 


The Withered City

For adventurers level 8.

Coming Late Spring 2023


Pol’s Lair

For adventurers level 9.

Coming Summer 2023

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