Foundation Trilogy
Isaac Asimov

A series that needs no introduction, is in a word, marvelous. I first read these when I was about 15. The scope of the book (1000 years) was breathtaking when I first read it. It impressed upon me that there is no topic too big to explore. My nostalgia aside, these books still hold up well today. The man gives virtually no setting and the character arcs are nowhere near what is expected today, but the story is absorbing. If nothing else, a good story will always be a good story. Foundation is definitely in my top five books ever read.

Foundation ****½ Foundation and Empire ***½ Second Foundation ****

Book Blurbs Unleased
Robert J. Ryan

If you were to ask me about marketing, I would tell you that it is nothing more than manipulating people into buying what they don’t need. If you asked me how I can get my books visible to the masses, I would tell you: marketing. Grudging I must admit that there can be a positive use for marketing. My goal is to put my best foot forward when describing my book and let the consumer decide. This book was easy to digest and it has helped me immeasurably with my description. Just never call me a marketer, please.