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Media Reviews | Author Mike Mollman
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Media Reviews

I’ve never been featured in an unwrapping video before!

A great friend of my authorly pursuits, Niko's Book Review recently unwrapped my books on his video. You too can have my hardbacks delivered to you wrapped in maps and equipped with mini swords. Contact me at if you're interested. Here's a...

It’s Award season and I wasn’t left out!

It's award season and it appears I wasn't left out. In what may be the most creative idea in quite a while, Books With Benghis Kahn has decided to create the Benghis Kahn awards. Becoming A Druid was nominated in three categories. Did I win? You'll have to check out...

An Unbelievable Review of my Books

I've been fortunate to have received several reviews that praise my books, but this latest one from Usman at Bards & Books has to be my favorite. From the themes, to the mythology to the historical underpinnings, Usman gets it all. It's an underrated channel, so check...

Books with Benghis Kahn raves about Self Pub books, including mine

At this point, what can I say about Ben? He's been a fan of my work and he never tires of shouting from the rooftops about it. As always, I get all self-conscious with effusive praise, but I guess there are worse things. Watch the video, then like and subscribe to it....

I was featured in An Erudite Adventure recap of 2023 great reads

Boy oh boy, these 2023 year in review posts from BookTubers are enough to make me blush. Tony, from An Erudite Adventure included my Protectors of Pretanni series in his books that defined his 2023 reading year. He's a great guy. You should give his channel a try if...

Niko’s Book Review rates 60 Fantasy series

Yeah, I did okay in the ratings. By okay I mean unbelievably good. Even before this video, Niko was one of the booktubers whose opinion I really valued. I keep pinching myself with how Protectors of Pretanni was rated. Let's not have a recount! Niko's Book Review

Portable Magic does a video review of Becoming A Druid

Trin at Portable Magic read and reviewed my book. I was a little worried, since she said she doesn't like a lot of high fantasy books, but she gave Grahme and friends a fair shake. You can see her review here: Portable Magic review of Becoming A Druid

I’m interviewed by Niko of Niko’s Book Reviews

True story, Jim Wilbourne, author of The Seventh Cadence, wrote on one of the Discord servers (paraphrased) 'Niko only gave my book three stars, but I learned more about how to write a good book in those seven minutes than I did in the previous two years.' So I was...

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