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Just a Mollmant, May 2023 | Author Mike Mollman
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Mostly Good News Edition

Writing update

It’s been a bit of a struggle finishing up the third of four novellas for Desperate Dispatches, book 2.5 in the Protectors of Pretanni series. But the weather today is fairly terrible – off and on rain all day – so I’ve set a goal of finishing the last chapter and epilogue by tonight. My carrot is that I get to watch the new D&D movie as a reward. Let’s hope I don’t roll a 1 today.
In addition, I’ve written the first draft of a novella for a scifi anthology. It ties into the first book I ever wrote, The Halley Traveler; which currently is very lonely on my hard disk. After I finish Desperate Dispatches, I plan on revisiting 24th century Mars. This will be the last time I focus on The Halley Traveler. It’s either publish or let the project die.


My book Becoming A Druid, has been entered in this year’s SPFBO competition. That’s the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off (i.e., “Spiffbo”). The contest features 300 self-published books and ten of the largest fantasy blogs to judge them. The winner gets a selfie stick, so it’s not about winning. The whole contest is about shining a brighter light on some high-quality self-published fantasy. I’m thrilled to be in this year. For more information, go to either of these sites:

Mark Lawrence’s blog

Zack Argyle’s SPFBO 9 site

Social Media Update

First, my newsletter mailing list has over 500 members now! I had hoped to type those words sometime next year, but the response has been overwhelming. Thank you one and all.

Second, my editor, good friend and fellow author, Roe Bushey¬†and I will be launching our own YouTube channel next month entitled Bald and Balding. I’m the bald one. Expect an update as soon as we have a launch date.

Finally, the time has come. I’ve joined Twitter. You can find me @mike_mollman. I should have joined years ago. In the communities I’m in, it’s been (mostly) civil. If you’re on Twitter, look me up and say hi!

Upcoming Events

In June, I will be attending:

Three Rivers Comic Con
in Pittsburgh
on June 3rd and 4th.

Incredible Con
in Charleston, SC
on June 10th and 11th.

My Links

Twitter: @mike_mollman
Amazon Author:
YouTube: Bald and Balding (coming soon!)