I was part of an unhappy science experiment this month. As I drove south on I-95 to Collective Con in Jacksonville, FL, I could feel my sinuses getting congested more and more every mile and the headache that accompanies my allergies wasn’t far behind. So, I turned on the air conditioner – and my car started to overheat. Back to the open sun roof and all the joys of spring allergies several weeks early. (Yay.) I got the coolant flushed in my car and bought a two month supply of Claritin. Too late, germs had already piggybacked on the pollen and I got sick. So I had to pack up early in Jacksonville and I’m skipping the Lexington Comic and Toy Con as I write this. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that I’ve made great progress on the first draft of book 2.5, Desperate Dispatches. Hopefully I’m inoculated now and I don’t have allergy issues here in about six weeks.

Upcoming Incorporeal Events

• I will be featured in an author interview for “March of the Sequels” on March 26th at https://jamreads.com/interviews/march-of-the-sequels-mike-mollman. Jamedi is a Spaniard who loves fantasy. I reached out to him and snagged an interview. Hopefully, this will introduce me to a whole new group of fantasy enthusiasts. I’ve participated in a couple interviews, and typically they consist of generic questions. Not so with Jamedi! He managed to get me to make a minor announcement about my next book and next series.

• In addition to the interview, I also sent him copies of my first three books. His review of Becoming A Druid is also due by the end of the month. I have no idea what he’s going to say, but we’ll all be able to find it here: jamreads.com. The most recent appear first, but there is a search function if needed.

• I will be taking part in the Narratess Book Giveaway the first weekend of April (no foolin’)! Becoming A Druid and Sins And Sorrows will both be free April 1st – 3rd. There should be 150 – 200 books on the list, so you definitely want to sign up here: https://promotions.narratess.com/

Upcoming Corporeal Events

• April 15th – 16th I’ll be at Big Lick Comic Con NOVA in Chantilly, VA. If you’re in the D.C. area, this is a great midsized show!

• April 21st – 23rd I’ll be RavenCon in Richmond, VA. I’ve never been to this show, but the reverential tones that past participants use when speaking of it makes me very curious. I won’t have a booth, but I will be on 5 or more panels on fantasy and I’ll have a suitcase full of books for sale. If you’re there, please find me and say hi.