Happy Holidays edition

Personal update

Looking back over the year, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I didn’t get my book out like I wanted, but I’m giving it my final read through this week and it will be launched on January 22nd. For this, I’m thankful.

The coolest thing that happened this year was on my vacation in October. I witnessed an annular eclipse. The photo montage here is being used with permission from Eric Africa. You should check out his personal website if you like astrophotography. His images are sublime.
Skies by Africa

I have met a number of new friends in the fantasy community and even launched my own YouTube channel. For this, I’m thankful.

Finally, I write the stories I like and wonderful people like you read and enjoy them. That tops all the frustrations that come with the process. For your support, I’m thankful. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Writing update

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern. Two novellas have been proofread and are finished. The final two are at my proofreader, but family issues have delayed her. In a matter of days, I should have the last two novellas and by working through the Christmas weekend, I should be finished. This is the only Christmas present that I really want!

The ebook pre-order is live:
Desperate Dispatches
Amazon $3.99

Indie Ink Awards

The Indie Ink Awards are for self-published fantasy books that have been nominated by the readers. I don’t know who, but someone or ones saw fit to nominate Becoming A Druid in five different categories:

Best Audio Narration
Best Mentor Character
Best Setting
Best Use of Tropes
Wittiest Character

This wasn’t even on my radar screen until I received an email with the good news. Voting is from December 15 – 31. If you would like to vote for my book, here’s the link:
2023 Indie Ink Awards

Free and Discounted Books!

I’m not in this sale, but Smashwords is having the largest sale I’ve ever seen. There are over 150,000 books on sale, over 100,000 which are free. You should check it out:

Smashwords 2023 Blowout Sale

Media update

Check out my YouTube channel, Bald and Balding. My buddy Roe and I interview indie authors, booktubers and other creatives. New episodes drop on Thursdays most weeks. This Thursday (21 Dec 2023) we’ll be chatting with New York Times Bestselling Author, Katherine D. Graham.

Katherine D. Graham Chat

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