What a long strange it’s been, to steal a line from the Grateful Dead.

I had never dreamt of being an author, then in 2017, as a way to work through my grief of my mother dying, I began writing. Actually publishing a book seemed too daunting, but I kept my head down and soldiered on until I surprised myself in July of 2021 with the launch of Becoming A Druid.

I’m such an introvert, I could never go to comic cons and hawk my book until I did. I’m going to eighteen cons this year! I’ve struggled to get monthly newsletters out mainly because I can’t imagine there are hundreds of people who care what I think, much less on a monthly basis.

What people don’t tell you about becoming an author is that you have to market and advertise your own work, or it will sit on an Amazon computer server somewhere without any interest. I went into the sciences because I hate the business side. I’ve taken dozens of webinars and classes on how to better promote my books. It’s just one more thing I have to learn if I want to have any success with my work, so bring it on.

Not only newsletters now, but I’m also blogging on my website about twice a week. The readership is small (low hundreds) but growing. You can click over and see for yourself: Blog

And to cap it all off, even though I hate my own voice and usually eschew being in pictures, by buddy, editor and fellow author, Roe Bushey and I are going to launch our YouTube channel, Bald and Balding in early June. We’re going to interview the other authors and artists at comic cons who are putting in the work to get their creations noticed.

Six years ago, I was a silently grieving, introverted chemist with only a small number of friends merely existing from day to day. Now, I’m still most of those things, but I’m also an author who has pushed passed my wall of uncomfortableness and discovered a new challenge. I’m forced to learn new things each and every day. Forget about what (little) success I’ve had so far. I like myself and my life so much more than I did not so long ago. In the last two years:

Write a book – check

Comic cons – check

Newsletter – check

Sales and Marketing – (sigh) check

Blog – check

YouTube channel – coming soon

More social media – (sigh) coming soon

All of this from na introvert who never took a single business or computer course in school. You can do amazing things if you have the willingness to learn and the perseverance to do the work.

 Upcoming Incorporeal Events

  • Nothing of which I’m aware, but check out my blog posts

Upcoming Corporeal Events

  • May 5th – 7th Indiana Comic Con, Indianapolis, IN. This is the single largest comic con I will do this year and it will be all new to me. I’m beyond excited!
  • May 20th – 21st – Tidewater Comic Con, Virginia Beach, VA. The Norfolk area has been very good to me. I’m looking forward to to my first trip to the area this year.



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