I’m forced to deal with two companies that routinely rank lower in public polling than any of the military industrial companies (also Twitter!): Comcast and Verizon. The only company to provide a signal for my neighborhood is Verizon Wireless, and it sometimes reaches two bars. Yay. The only provider of internet (bundled with home phone) is Comcast. So I have a landline because I must. There’s not a lot of choice anymore with home phones, so when mine stopped working, I bought more of the same. Yay. My thinking went like this:

Pro: I’d like to reliably speak with others from my home                               Con: It’s the 2020’s!

Pro: At this stage of life, my ambition is to be know as a curmudgeon      Con: Comcast sucks and I don’t always have a reliable line

Pro: Entropy, I will not change what I’m already doing.                                  Con: None, you can’t fight entropy

I was going to post a picture of my new phones, but dog photos are always better.