True story, Jim Wilbourne, author of The Seventh Cadence, wrote on one of the Discord servers (paraphrased) ‘Niko only gave my book three stars, but I learned more about how to write a good book in those seven minutes than I did in the previous two years.’ So I was anxious when he accepted my books. A terrible review from him and I may have stopped writing. Most writers are a bit neurotic, me more than most. He liked Becoming A Druid. He mostly liked Sins And Sorrows, and I got some very constructive criticism. Finally, he seems to have loved To Speak With Elders. I surprised myself by not freaking out when he asked to interview me. I had a blast! I’ve met multiple BookTubers at this point and I’m smart enough not to try and rank them, since, you know, their actual people, but Niko is top tier!