I’ve received feedback from my three beta readers and their comments were very positive. Now, I’m friends with all of them, so I always second guess how honest they’re being. Well now, I received my manuscript back from my editor and he was very positive. He’s a straight shooter, not the rah-rah type. Other than me being a sloppy writer, there were very few other issues. I have a bunch of comic cons coming up, so I don’t think the book will come out until November. My birthday is the seventeenth, so that’s my target release date. It’ll be just in time for you to get and read over the Thanksgiving holidays! It will be much harder for your relatives to annoy you if you head to Pretanni over the holiday!

In case you missed it, “Becoming A Druid” is now available in audiobook on Audible. Book two, “To Speak With Elders” is being recorded now and will be available November first-ish.