As I march ever onward toward publishing my first book, the list of things I must complete continues to increase, along with my heart rate. One thing however has been completed beyond my expectations. I have the map for my first book. I wanted a map that looks nice, but upon further inspection, it yields secrets about my world. The map was made by my favorite Romanian, Theodor. If you find yourself in need of a map, you can find him here: T.A. Maps –

I am currently battling with imposter syndrome. No matter how many people have told me that my book is good, I keep questioning myself. My editing has slowed down and if I don’t get myself out of this, I will miss my (self-imposed) deadline. I’m currently at what I consider to be the weakest part of my book. This happened last time I was editing as well. Whoever reads this, thank you. The mere thought that there are people out there interested enough to read a blog post from a yet-to-be-published author means that I can’t quit now.

For any prospective writers, all the clichés are true. It is a marathon, not a sprint. You will question your abilities, even your right to pen your own novel. You will take procrastination to a whole new level. On the plus side, you’ll probably end up cleaning your refrigerator monthly, if not weekly. Through it all, I must keep telling myself that the story is good and the audacity of taking up writing is something to celebrate, not run from. Now excuse me, I must finish editing the next chapter.