So I received my manuscript pack from the editor for the final time on 25 April. I’ve gone through her changes, then made my own. Now all that is left is for me to do a final check, making sure place names and dates are right as well as getting rid of too modern language. I’m a little torn on this last part, but early on I decided that I would not use: miles, yards, feet, inches, seconds, minutes, hours or (oddly) noon. I’ve substituted leagues, which I mean as a distance that takes about an hour to walk, paces for (two) feet, heartbeats for seconds and the like. I wouldn’t recommend it.

A quick check shows that I used the word ‘feet’ fifty-six times. First off, fifty-six times? Really? That seems like a lot to me. Further inspection shows that fifty of them refer to someone’s feet. Now I wonder what the hell I’m doing mentioning feet so often. Becoming an author is the quickest way I know to become (more) neurotic. Why do I do this to myself?

Anyway, rescuing this from a vortex of negativity, let’s focus on the positive. By the end of May I should have a completed book that I can set up for paperbacks and ebooks. I’m on target to publish on 27 July 2021. I must say, I think that’s quite a feet, err, feat.

Now the legwork to get my book noticed in a crowded space begins.:

If you would like to be an ARC (Advanced Copy Reader), please email me at I’ll send you a free copy of my book and all I ask is that you post your honest review on Amazon (and Goodreads too, if you have it). Please put some form of “I asked for and received a free copy of this book for an honest review” with your rating. If you would notify me when you’ve done it, I will be eternally grateful (even if it’s not a five star review).