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Mike Mollman is a charming individual graced with good looks, undeniable charisma and humility. These descriptions come straight from his keyboard, so they must be treated as unimpeachable facts. Mike lives in the Richmond, Virginia area. When he’s not self-aggrandizing, he likes to spend time with his two dogs and the many voices in his head.


Becoming a Druid

A Struggle for Survival
Graeme has wanted to be a druid for as long as he can remember. Talented but headstrong, he runs afoul of a despotic, mind-controlling mage during his initiation quest. The price of failure is death. Intrigue and distrust has turned the druids against him. Haggard and hunted, he must make impossible sacrifices or lose everything.

Coming July 27, 2021

To Speak With Elders

Coming Summer 2022

Becoming a King

Coming Summer 2023

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